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Route 66 (2021)

I recently took the quintessential American road trip; driving from Santa Monica to Chicago on what's left of the original Route 66 Highway. Twenty-four thousand miles, eight states and three time zones, on what's still known as the "Mother Road."  It was a trip I will forever cherish!  I hope you enjoy these photos from that fabulous journey! 

Black & White

A collection of black & white photos featuring vintage neon signs I've photographed that spans over three decades.  Many of the signs are now gone.

Small Buildings(s)

A collection of small structures who have all seen a better day but in their decline I find something special within their simplicity of design and size.

American West (B&W)

A series of black & white photos I've photographed over nearly forty years
featuring vintage neon signs that evoke a western theme.  

Abandoned Stations

Once considered the guardians of the highways, the "Service Station" as they were
once called, fell into decline and have been replaced by "pump your own" mega
chains. The Service Station not only provided gas but also has an attendant that would pump it for you, check your tires, water, oil, and even cleaned the windshields while you stayed in the car.  They also had a mechanic available
to fix your car if needed. They were also the place you would use the bathroom.  

Abandoned Stations

Once the "Guardians of the Highway" 

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