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Starlight Motel - Mesa, AZ .jpg
A Collection of Vintage Roadside Neon Signs and Other Things Found on the Side of the Road


For more of my commercial work and portraits please click here: 

_Federhofer's Bakery_ St. Louis - 2021 .jpg
_Stop & Drink Liquor House_ Chicago, Illinois - 2019 .jpg
_Swinney Hardware_ Tulsa, Oklahoma - 2021.jpg
_Cowboy and Horse_ Las Vegas, NV - 2021.jpg
_Fresh Do-Nuts Drive-In_ St. Louis, Missouri - 2021 .jpg
Courtesy Blythe CA.jpg
Henning Motel - Henning, CA - Hwy 66.jpg
_Petey's Bungalow Lounge_ Chicago, Illinois - 2021 .jpg
Queen's Fine Foods - San Bernadino, CA .jpg
_Will Rodger's Motor Court_ Tulsa, Oklshoma - 2021.jpg
_Conoco Gas Station & Cafe_ Shamrock, Texas - 2021 .jpg
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